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Melville, NY
I couldn’t avoid dealing with my debt any longer. My bank refused to help me, I was late with everything. I needed to make sure my kids were not going to lose electricity. I was panicked. When I got the offer from Hornet Partners, I was nervous – had I ruined my credit so badly that I couldn’t get approved? The woman I spoke with assured me there was a range of scores they accepted and guess what? I was approved. I am so relieved.
Red Bank, NJ
Just when I thought I had nowhere to turn, I got the offer from Hornet Partners and legitimately turned my life around. I was in serious 5 figure debt and didn’t see a way out. Now, I actually have a little bit of money left over to start saving for an emergency fund.
Brentwood, Ca
When I lost my job, I didn’t want to tell anyone so I kept up the lifestyle I had been living. I racked up tons of debt. It was a nightmare. Finally, I admitted to myself that I needed help. Hornet Partners listened, helped, and set me right. I am proud to say I am employed and almost entirely debt free!